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We are one of the fastest growing companies in the west of the country in recent years, curated through experience and leveraged on the technical quality and professional ethics of our employees, we trust that we can face greater challenges.

We have made a commitment to provide an extremely pure medical and industrial oxygen supply, as well as other air gases and constant technical support with a high standard of service, adapted to the specific needs of customers throughout the national territory.

Our staff is constantly trained to take on the task, we set a guideline in the development of practices to ensure safe handling of the load, we focus on minimizing the environmental impact of our actions and seek the continuous improvement of our service, In addition, we have the necessary coverage to transport any cargo according to the specifications of our equipment throughout the national territory, breathe easy with us.

AVENRUT se encuentran en Maracaibo y en Ciudad Ojeda
avenrut cobertura en los estados Zulia, Lara y Yaracuy

Services Provided

Maintenance of cryogenic stationary tanks

Maintenance on cryogenic trailer



Venta y distribución oxígeno medicinal e industrial

Sale and distribution of medicinal and industrial oxygen

Venta y distribución de nitrógeno

Sale and distribution of nitrogen

Distribution of special gases

Laboratorio para mezclas especiales

Laboratory for special mixtures

Suministro de personal especializado

Specialized personnel

Why choose us?

Our main advantages are our collaborators, who are prepared to provide you with the best logistics service in your supply chain, we leave nothing to chance, our state-of-the-art team, in the hands of highly qualified personnel, it allows us to handle all the edges of such an important service, by contracting with us you will not only be looking for a reliable supply of high purity gas, but you will also have a technical advisory team at your disposal for the improvement of your facilities that will guarantee you maximum use and greater safety in your work with air gases, which represents an added value that will last until long after you have finished the relationship with us.

El principal recurso de AVENRUT C.A es su gente

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Ciudad Ojeda - Estado Zulia

Carretera N zona industrial

Maracaibo - Estado Zulia

Zona industrial norte av. 17C con calle 13F

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Ciudad Ojeda - Estado Zulia

Carretera N zona industrial

Maracaibo - Estado Zulia

Zona industrial norte av. 17C con calle 13F

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