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In 1970, from the vision of its founders Silvestre Avendaño and Günther Rutter, Avenrut was born from the need to mobilize pipes of different diameters for the steel industry emerging on the Eastern Coast of Maracaibo’s lake, is a proactive and reliable company, becoming the first transport company in the west of the country to mobilize pipes 24 m long, which plays a role in the growth of a steel industry that would become an emblematic sector of the region.

From 1990, the company began to diversify its transport services, and its trajectory would allow it to participate in the oil industry, leasing equipment and qualified personnel for the mobilization of machinery and pipes for well drilling. Ten years later, things are turning again and Avenrut demonstrates its ability to strengthen itself in uncertainty, re- diversifying its services into a more specialized and more complex branch, the transport of medicinal and industrial gases with AGA GAS, providing logistical support to the uprising of stationary tanks and adapting its fleet to the mobilization of oxygen and nitrogen.

Avenrut embarks on this path faithful to its culture of integrity and commitment to security, which allows it to open ground in the development of this activity, becoming a significant factor in customer service. It is this same demonstrated capacity that allows the company, in 2020, to enter a new business model with his partner AGA GAS, taking more responsibility for logistics operations, participating specifically in the storage and marketing of air gases in the west of the country.

Currently, Avenrut positions itself as a key company in the national industry, recognizes that it is its duty to promote a vision of success based on strict ethics and high professional capacity, so it undertakes its evolution towards a comprehensive logistics company, applying its values to an increasingly wide range of services enhancing what it does best and, as for more than 50 years, continue to pave the way to progress.

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Ciudad Ojeda - Estado Zulia

Carretera N zona industrial

Maracaibo - Estado Zulia

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